Tools I’m using in 2019

Here are a few tools I’m using.

Domain names: Hover

Web hosting: Siteground

File Renaming Utility: NameChanger
If you work with processing more than a handful of files, this utility is awesome at one simple task. It makes renaming files super easy. It’s so simple I even use it when I only have a handful of files!

Simple Audio Edits: Fission
This is a great little app that I use for some audio tasks. Specifically, when I need to do a quick trim of an audio file, normalize something, or add ID3 tags to just one file. It’s also handy for batch conversions between formats. It’s one of the only programs on Mac that I’ve found that will keep the metadata intact when you convert from MP3 to AAC.

Audio Cleanup: iZotope
Their noise reduction algorithms are powerful.

Audio Editing: Adobe Audition
Several features are really nice. One thing it does really well is doing destructive editing on single files and then non-destructive in the multi-track timeline. Easy to jump back and forth quickly.

Music Production: Logic Pro X.
If I jump into more music mixing, I’ll probably be diving into Studio One from Presonus.

Video Editing: Adobe Premiere.
I’m also native in Final Cut X.

Stop Motion Capture on iOS: Stop Motion Studio
Such a well done iOS app.

File Storage: Dropbox
It just works. I also keep some docs in Google Drive or just on a hard drive.

Project Management: Combination of WorkFlowy, paper and a calendar.
It changes periodically.


What’s in your toolbox? Let me know.

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