Are there any changes?

A recurring theme in live production is this question:

Are there any changes?

In every phase, there might be small tweaks or substitutions and additions that need to be made.

This awareness seems to be a common trait in many other fields as well.

Specifically, I’m thinking about most projects, productivity systems, events, economies, etc.

The simple awareness to this question and being able to respond appropriately can be a hinge on making something better, making it happen at all, staying on the same page, being profitable, being ready for the next time, or improving lives.

A the same time there is a tension in what filters are setup before that question is even asked. Some changes will make the experience worse or just be better suited for the next go.

However, the awareness of what is happening now and what is changing in the moment is pretty key to (especially) live events.

And the more prepared you are, the better you are able to adjust for the right changes to happen.

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