The music of your audience

Mike plays his saxophone at the entrance to the parking garage at the Perot museum of nature and science. For the past year, he’s been there just about every time I visit. How he interacts with his product (music) changes depending on who is approaching.

For example, when a group with small kids goes by, they will likely enjoy The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

If a more mature couple strolls by, you might overhear him playing Misty from a distance.

This illustrates the simple business premise: treat different customers differently.

Another musical illustration is a story from a concert pianist I traveled with. In the Army he was assigned to play piano in the officer’s club. He found out what the favorite songs were for various officers. Soon enough he would be playing something they would like as soon as they arrived through the door.

In a way it’s a form of storytelling back to the person: Your tastes are such and such. This is how you identify yourself. You are the kind of person who would enjoy this.

Even small amounts of noticing people can go a long way.


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