Eventually, over time

The last week or so, I’ve been trying this experiment of posting something to this site daily.

A couple few thoughts:

  1. It’s easier than I thought.
  2. It’s harder than I thought.
  3. I’m consistently making it one of the last things I do in the day.
  4. It has forced me to be ok with pushing out my-best-in-the-moment instead of the-best-this-could-be-with-more-time-or-whatever.
  5. The point is to get better over time, not overnight. I’ve heard too many people say that it was the practice over years that has had great benefits for them.
  6. Is this for me or for others? I’m not sure yet. I do like the idea of having this simply for the purpose of a bookmark and reference of sorts, but I hope it’s helpful to others as well.
  7. It’s ok for this to be a work in progress.
  8. It helps to remember why. The goal is to become a better writer, noticer, sharer, teacher, student – eventually, over time.


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