The Tension Between

There’s a tension in the work we create.

On one hand there is the need to test, fail fast, ship, respond. On the other is the bigger picture of what this is all building toward.

Pressfield’s The War of Art wasn’t an immediate hit. But it was about the long game and it has continued to gain traction over the course of several years.

The work of Krista Tippett and her team at On Being isn’t in response to the latest trends. They aren’t trying to ride the emotions of a current crisis. Instead, their focus is simply asking important questions that are relevant to the human experience.

Perhaps part of the tension is in the purpose of shipping fast. Is it to test something? A small experiment? What happens if we try this?

And then maybe that gets combined with the longer vision, the bigger purpose.

And then maybe that becomes a culture of experimentation where prodding, poking and testing leads to relevant ways to accomplish the goal we’re aiming toward.

Kind of like a pilot or driver who makes thousands of small incremental changes and adjustments (and sometimes huge ones) in order to reach the chosen destination.

A worthy goal plus relentless creative pursuits toward making it happen…

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