How some fears survive

At summer camp, one of the cabins had a wasp problem. Nope, no fun.

When I got there to check on it, it was easy to see that these wasps were not just outside, but had made nests inside the walls. And it scared some campers.

These wasps looked dangerous with their yellow and black markings. No one had been stung, and for this I was glad.

When the camp manager came to take care of the situation, he clarified what kind of a problem we were dealing with.

These aren’t aggressive wasps. They’re dirt daubers, and they survive by looking like the scary kind.

These were even difficult to provoke. You would have to really try to get them to sting you.
And some fears are that way. They look scary, but are pretty harmless. It’s good to know the difference and treat them accordingly. And if you can’t tell, it’s great to have someone who can help discern which is which.

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