Daily Challenge: Eagle Flying Over a Creek

Daily Challenge Sponsor: Rivendell Renewal
Sponsor Site: restinnrivendell.com

Challenge: Create the sound of a soaring eagle’s cry as it flies over a gently flowing creek in the woods (yes, our retreat home!).

I have attempted to make this sound and tried a few different approaches. I couldn’t get it to sound like what I was hearing in my head, so I have gone ahead and posted this version that should more aptly be called “creek with bird composite attempt.” Because that is what it is. I could also add “attempted in an urban environment.”

In this challenge, especially, I have come to face the difficulty of field recordings in noisy environments: You might be able to find the sound you are looking for, but the problem becomes having several other unwanted sounds also in the mix.

To remedy this, I actually tried simulating a creek in my kitchen sink, but it never sounded natural. I recorded several bird sounds, some of which might have actually passed for a bird of prey. But most were muddied with cars passing or the highway in the background.

For my own creative habit I have also had to face the fear of releasing something that didn’t match what I intended. And in this, I’m reminded of the way that you improve in almost any practice: by actually completing projects.

Regarding the Rivendell Retreat Home (sponsor), I have actually stayed there and it is one of the most relaxing places I have been. If you ever decide to holiday in the Ozarks, I recommend looking into it.

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