Daily Challenge: Excitement and Anticipation

Daily Challenge Sponsor: Mike McAllen
Sponsor Site: GrassShackRoad.com

Challenge: Create the sound of excitement and anticipation.

I had a few different ideas of which direction this could go. I chose the simplest, most direct way. And I’m sorry if the sound is a bit cheesy. Can you tell that I’m influenced by my young children?

I’m realizing that a hurdle that I face in many projects is simply the fear of failure – the fear of looking stupid, being awkward, missing the mark. With this sound effect I’m one step toward getting past that. Because it really is a bit silly.

Also, on a technical note…

If you ever need to record something in a closet, my advice would be to record it in the largest closet that you have that also has the highest ratio of clothes to wall space. The resonance of sound bouncing off the walls in a small closet is very pronounced when it’s recorded.

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