Daily Challenge: Relaxing Sounds

Daily Challenge Sponsor: Chris Doc Strange
Website: http://ComedyHypnotistShow.co.uk

Challenge: Create relaxing sounds you would hear as you as you slip into your subconcious, starting with the sound of a calm beach, warm sea, golden sun, exotic birds slowy sinking into a cloudy, white, peaceful place, that is warm, comfortable and safe. 5 minutes?

This is a 5 minute journey toward a calm place. It starts with the ocean and moves through the sounds of birds, varying rain, an underwater jacuzzi, a heartbeat, and the ever relaxing fan.

The jacuzzi was recorded with and without jets using a stereo hydrophone going into a pocket recorder. The ocean, 1 type of rain and the heartbeat were sampled from a baby’s noise machine. 2 other rains, the birds and the fan were recorded with pocket recorders built-in mics (Zoom H1 & Zoom H2).

I wasn’t trying to be realistic with the sounds but only convey a feeling (and trying to use as many of the sounds as I could). I ended up playing with a few modulators, delays and reverbs to try and get the ambience more smooth and gentle.

Thanks for the challenge, Chris!

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