Reisinger’s Violin

W R Reisinger made violins in the early decades of the 1900’s. The one that I have was made in 1938. It’s a great sounding and beautiful instrument.

I’m hoping to find out more about Reisinger’s life, especially in regards to his craft as a violin maker. There is very little known, except that I’ve found his name in listings showing that he made violins in the 1910’s and 20’s. Given those dates, the violin I have must have been one of his later ones. The bow and case seem to be from the 1930’s/40’s era as well.

As I pass the violin on I would love to preserve some history of who the maker was.

The following is what I know so far about him and his family.

William Rausch Reisinger was a decorator, a painter. He was born in 1882 in Illinois, and he lived his adult life in Cedar Falls, Black Hawk, Iowa.

One of his kids was Donald William Reisinger, born June 2nd, 1915. Donald married Edel Lucille Andersen on September 28, 1940 and went on to serve in WW2. Donald died in January of 1987. Donald’s wife Edel died on June 2, 2003 in Boulder, CO

Below are a few pictures of the instrument. Any info or leads on how to research this maker? I would be delighted to hear from you.

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