Might we call it being a Content DJ?

Content marketing is becoming a more common approach for businesses to take. It is the idea of creating useful content that serves an audience. Then, with a basis of storytelling, the business creates interest and opportunities to offer a service or a product related to the field.

You are guiding your audience through a process. It starts by simply being helpful. Sometimes encouragement is needed. Often, we create good content that helps people solve a specific problem, whether it’s overcoming a mental block or learning a particular strategy or tactic.

We can create all kinds of media these days and send them to various platforms. For example, a video can become audio, a blog post, a medium article and an Instagram movie.

This can be tricky. Here are a couple things to watch out for:

  • You don’t want to simply become a content mill where the “creative” is being made but it has no substance. To some extent it can become spam. And folks have pretty good spam radars!
  • Respect each platform. The storytelling context on each social platform is different and you have to respect it. Simply repackaging the original content might not work. At the same time there is an opportunity to experiment and also figure out how to use the platform in a unique way.

If you want to set up workflows and create processes that spread your content throughout various social outlets, there is a way to do it as a craft. It’s a way to do it as a storyteller respecting the platforms.

What could we call this craft?

Content creator? Digital Producer? Content Producer? Content Crafter? Media Creator and Editor?

Those all work, but there’s a term I’ve been using internally to describe this. Maybe it will resonate.

I call it being a…

Content DJ

It’s a person who is a digital storyteller and focuses on the creation of new material, remixes, and collaborations.

As business owners, this is our online content challenge. It is also an opportunity. And there are more folks out there today who are diving into the multi-media aspects, able to create video, audio, and design work. It’s a different approach, but it’s an interesting field that is growing fast!

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