But what would you do if you knew how to do it?

She said, “I don’t know how to put them on. You do it!”

She is three, and the zipper at the back of her sandals seemed formidable. She forgot that she had put them on by herself a week ago. It would be easier to get someone else to do it.

“Well, what would you do if you didn’t know how to put them on?”

“I don’t know how! You do it!”

“Ok, well just show me. If you did know how to put them on, what would you do?”

Finally she gave it a shot and showed me exactly how she didn’t know how to put on the sandals – one successful foot at a time.

I wonder how often we all do this. We shrink back from doing “that thing” because we’re uncertain. We’re not sure if we have what it takes. We’re not the kind of person who does things like that.

Well, what if we approached it as an experiment. If we did know what to do, what would we attempt?

We might just have what it takes to walk in that pair of shoes.

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