Better writing through ostrich in coffee shop

What makes for better writing? An ostrich might be part of the answer.

It is the only building in the country that is dedicated to the craft of writing at the pre-college level.

That’s how they describe The Writing House at Interlochen Center for the Arts.



We had to check it out. Because how do you build a building just for the “art of writing?”

Here’s a list of some things I noticed:

  • natural elements (wood)
  • light (lots of glass)
  • many nooks for writing, reading and conversing
  • small classrooms
  • bean bags
  • a video editing room
  • whiteboards
  • magnetic word board
  • teachers offices
  • a central gathering space (could host a tiny concert, lectures, speaking series)
  • a piano (only use when NO ONE IS TRYING TO DO ANYTHING)
  • a patio
  • art
  • bookshelves with books and writing resources
  • a coffee shop (including a stuffed Ostrich!)

My takeaway…

A place that makes for good writing might be a place that allows for intersections of ideas as well as places to withdraw and reflect. Not just good for writing, this seems like a kind of place that is good for thinking.

What about you, what are your best places for writing and thinking?

(If I was going to add a kind of place, I would need to include an empty space with only the things I need to work on, a place to take a good walk, and maybe a deadline).

Also, some pics below!

writing-house-art-nook writing-house-classroom writing-house-coffee-ostrich writing-house-hallway writing-house-meeting writing-house-nook writing-house-sign



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