The New Problem With Potential Audience

TV and Radio stations like to throw around numbers showing how many people might watch your program or see your advertisement if you were part of their distribution. These numbers carried more weight in an age when there were only a few stations to choose from.

In an age of distraction, of niche media, the mass marketing problem is one of: “Who cares?”

In more and more markets, potential reach matters less and less in terms of who MIGHT tune in. If I post something on YouTube, my potential reach is in the billions, just like the myriad other videos uploaded every single minute.

A better question then is: How much of an audience do you have of people who care about what you and I have to say?

Access to media and potential reach is a dwindling hurdle. This is the connection economy. How about focusing efforts on finding, connecting, and impacting the people who don’t just have the potential to tune in, but actually want to?

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