This afternoon I had a studio shoot for a television program. I record the audio with dual redundancy. It gets recorded with the main video feed, then I record it into a computer and also into this recorder pictured.

A couple hours after the shoot, I realized that I forgot to turn this recorder off. It was still going 03 HOURS 26 MINUTES 45 SECONDS & 18 FRAMES after I initially needed it. The best thing about it? It still had 144 HOURS of recording space left.

And then I realized what an unusual thing it is to have that much margin. It wasn’t max’d out, and had no problem handling the oversight of me forgetting to hit STOP.

hope to be more like that recorder – not rushed, not thrown off by small interruptions; living with enough margin to absorb the small daily fabric-of-life things that might serendipitously show up.


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