One Thing, Daily

I’ve heard several people talk about the discipline of choosing to do one task, daily. One guy drew a skull every day for a year. Another wrote a song a day. Many writers give themselves a minimum daily threshold of how many words to produce: 300, 500, or 1000. The goal is to simply finish the task of creating something – and make it a daily habit. The quality of the work is not the focus. It’s all about the rhythm of showing up.

My favorite is Seinfeld’s productivity secret.

  1. Get a year-view wall calendar
  2. Get a big red marker
  3. If you write something (anything), you get to mark a red X through that day.
  4. Eventually you’ll have a string of red X’s and you won’t want to break the string. So you keep writing. Every day.
Did You Make Something Today?

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