I am a writer

I have been writing since I was just a wee child. I’m pretty sure it all started with a four letter word: my name.

Jeff Goins has given a challenge to declare yourself a writer. And then be a writer. So, yes, I am a writer. But what else do I want to declare about myself? That I am a… Songwriter? Artist? Musician? Producer? Filmmaker?

Time will be the tell. But meanwhile, my challenge to myself is to not get stuck with ideas only in my head. I need to test them, try them, fail with them, and succeed with them. I need to bring some of them into existence. I need to be a maker of things, a risk-taker. Someone who persists and ships the final product. I ship art and help others do the same. That’s what I do.

Writer Checklist

Become who you are

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