The Right Question

Views of the Future

Is there free will? What is the nature of the future?

The first time (over a decade ago) I heard of “Open Theism” I was shocked that such an idea could exist! It didn’t fit my paradigm of thinking about God. Up to then I only thought of the future as being something absolutely known by God. Now I’m not so sure, and I’m happy to consider this an area of mystery.

Some random notes:

  • It’s interesting to discover how people believe/practice when it comes to the future – and often they are in conflict.
  • The argument of Calvin vs. Arminius is not just about free will. It’s about the nature of the future.
  • An open future doesn’t diminish God’s sovereignty. If anything it makes knowing the end from the beginning even more incredible.
  • An open future looks a lot more fun.
  • In practice (and from a human perspective), it makes sense to view the future as open, regardless of how that works itself out in your theology.

P.S. – The Adjustment Bureau deals with this in an interesting way, and so does Men In Black 3, through the character of Griffin the Arcadian.

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