Rotational Velocity

Ideate --> Create --> Ship --> Repeat

One hindrance that I have faced in the creative process is the idea or fear of using up ideas. This fallacy has been shot down several times in the last year.

It turns out that the opposite might be true: The more ideas you cycle through, the more likely you’ll have gone through enough to have some great ones. And, the more likely you are to recognize and pursue them.

I like the circular momentum in the drawing. There is something about momentum that I can’t explain. Once the choice is made to go in a given direction and your feet start moving toward it, unexplainable things start to happen. Things fall into place, opportunities pop up, etc. It’s like our Creator is saying, “Go ahead. Take some risk. Make something. It will work out.”

So go ahead. Test things out. Try something new. Complete a project. Then start a new one.  See what happens.

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