Daily Challenge: Bicycle Spoke Playing Cards Meditation

Daily Challenge: Create the sound that you would hear if you’re standing in the middle at the bottom of several small hills … from far away you hear at first the sound of one bicycle approaching with playing cards in the spokes of its wheels … then you hear a second … then a third … they ride up and down … around you at different speeds … going faster then slower and faster again … never at the same distance from you … then one at a time they leave. and/or it could be one track superimposed on itself. in a loop … to meditate

Sponsor: Randy Wilson
Twitter: @perform_life

Here goes!

I thought I would be able to find a close, quiet outdoor area early this morning. Nope. It appears that being within a mile of two highways makes street noise hard to evade.

I ended up in an empty parking lot with one recorder set up on a cement block. The other recorder was strapped to my bicycle handles.

I attempted to simply ride as if I was the bicycle rider in the challenge and the first recorder was the person standing in the middle of the hills.

Upon import I quickly found that there was absolutely too much noise in the background to make the first recording usable. The audio I finally used to make the sound effect was a short clip from the recorder on the bike handle. I had to try and fake all the movement with volume, pan, and reverb send automation.

When I layered more than one track, the clicking sound of the cards started sounding especially unnatural.

But yet, I completed the challenge, so here is the result of my attempt. Measured against what I first imagined in my head, it doesn’t match the result. But experimenting with the pan automation was fun!

And here are the pictures from the recording session.




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