Daily Challenge: Helicopter Jetpack

Challenge: Create the sound of a when a character accelerates on a helicopter jetpack. This is for use in a video game.
Sponsored by: The Behemoth

I recorded several sounds to try to get the layers that might fake a helicopter jetpack. The sound I came up with seems best suited to the jet’s steady engine burst. I haven’t been able to figure out yet how to get the sound of helicopter blades. One of the things I tried was recording a small fan and then playing it at half speed. It didn’t work.

The other thing I would like to experiment more with is getting the acceleration part of it down. Right now the sound is more of a full on/off kind of a jet pack. I imagine it as the kind of thing where you would need to give several bursts in order to vary the speed of the helicopter jetpack.

I’ll gladly revisit this sound again in the future. One thing to try will be putting it into a sampler instrument and then playing with LFO settings. Hmm. Sounds like fun!

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