Daily Challenge: Low Rumble, Fire, Explosion

Daily Challenge Sponsor: Danger Cave Media
Website: dangercavemedia.com

Challenge: Create the sound of a low rumble, fire, and an explosion.

I will post the update within a day.

The best low rumble that I found was by recording the floorboard of my car while driving. I recorded at 96k/24bit and then resampled it to 48K (half-speed) and EQ’d it to get rid of most of the high end and boost the lows.

For the fire, I tried first recording a propane burner on a gas grill. However, there were too many background sounds that got in the way. I finally decided to burn a couple pieces of pine tree branches in my fireplace. This worked out well as I could control the environmental sounds and get a clear recording.

The explosions were firecrackers recorded at 96k, resampled (slowed) to 11k, then brought into a new project for some EQ and a little reverb, and then exported at 48k.

Screen shot 2011-07-06 at 6.27.42 AM


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