Daily Challenge: A Deserted, Dirty, Gritty Alley

Daily Challenge Sponsor: Gene Blalock
Website: seraphfilms.net

Challenge: Create the sound of a deserted, dirty, gritty alley.

I’ll post an update within a day.

I imagined all kinds of sounds that you might encounter in an alley. In my head I pictured a scene in a movie with some paper being blown by the wind, a trash can closing in the distance, and a cat giving a “meow”. Unfortunately that’s not what I was able to create this time. However I now have that scene imprinted in my mind and will probably attempt that specific interpretation another time.

I ended up going to the historic downtown of Waxahachie, TX and recorded a few alleys and ambient spaces.

The following sounds are the ones that I felt fit in best with this challenge.


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