If you leap and nothing happens, did something happen?

What happens when you leap? Here is one possible order of steps.

Step 1. You want to take action

Step 2. You are afraid to take action

Step 3. You put off taking action

These first 3 steps can be an indefinite loop. If it’s a worthwhile thing, hopefully you move to step 4 at some point.

Step 4. You take action

Step 5. A result happens.

If the desired result happens, then great. If it is a negative result, sorry. Often, it might seem like nothing happened.

Step 6. It seems like nothing happened, but then you take a deeper look.

Step 7. You realize one thing that happened: You took action in spite of uncertainty.

Step 8. You now are more prepared to take on a new challenge when you see an area where you want to take action.

Even in the case when “nothing happened”, something did. You grew. You exercised the ability to try something that might not work.

Keep going.

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