Systems, Goals, Intention and Effort

I’ve heard many people argue about systems vs. goals. But maybe it’s both/and.

Perhaps you set a goal. But to get to that goal you have to use systems.

Or you develop a system of operation and eventually you then hit milestones that others might perceive as goals.

Or maybe there’s something else entirely like “doing what’s indicated.” I really like the way in which Brian Clark talks about practicing this with his company. The basics are to look at the current situation, determine a good next course of action, adjust, and repeat.

This brings to mind a method developed by the military. It is called the OODA loop: observe, orient, decide, act. You can read more about it here and see a fancy diagram.

For our musicians, we can display it like this:

||:  Observe –> Orient –> Decide –> Act :||

The common strength in all methods of operation is that there is a showing of intention. And then you put effort behind that intention. This intention plus work seems to be the bedrock of every approach.


Add into this an ability to pay attention, be flexible, adjust course, and do the work. Sounds like a recipe for traction. Let’s do what we can to make sure we’re going down a path worth taking!

And now, some graphics to go with this. 🙂

BIRU-WP-20160824T123907GMT-0500.jpg BIRU-WP-20160823T210833GMT-0500.jpg BIRU-WP-20160823T210946GMT-0500.jpg BIRU-WP-20160823T211011GMT-0500.jpg

PS – If you’re still reading, it occurred to me that the “doing what’s indicated” vs. “goals” analogy is similar to the views of the future as open or closed. Some thoughts about that here.Views of the Future

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