On Posting Everyday

I’m setting out to post here everyday (at least a 30 day trial).

The point isn’t to create an online repository that demonstrates great writing, creations, or curation.

What I gather from those who have already made this a habit is that the daily practice of sharing something publicly forces your mind to start thinking differently altogether.

The ability to articulate clearly is sharpened, and the desire to find “inspiration” is fueled simply by the expectation raised by the daily deadline. I would be happy if this alone is how I’m affected.

But I think I’m actually more interested in another aspect. The daily posting habit gives the opportunity to fail and take risks daily – and be OK with it. Although it feels personal, the stakes are not high. I can experiment here and have little to lose.

And while I’m busy failing, I have a suspicion that I might learn a little about how to clearly communicate and find resonance with others.

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