Daily Challenge: Pet Robot

Daily Challenge Sponsor: Knivy
Twitter: @knivy

Challenge (in Knivy’s words): “When I was a kid living in an apartment where no pets were allowed, I wanted to have a pet robot. I imagined my robot would not only play games with me at home or at the park, but it would also take me to the store to buy candy, walk with me to the arcade and even help me if I ever got into any trouble. My challenge of the day for you is to make a sound my robot would’ve made while doing any of the things I mentioned.”

I had a few versions of this, but this is my favorite. I imagine the robot coming to the rescue in a tricky situation and deploying some kind of low-frequency-oscillating-wind-propelling device. As the inventor in the movie mystery men described his weapons: “100% safe, 100% effective.” The robot would be able to transport the perpetrators away by 30 to 50 feet.


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