Daily Challenge: Mnemonic of Moxie Wanderlust

Daily Challenge Sponsor: Moxie Wanderlust
Website: moxie.me

Challenge: “Create a mnemonic based on my name. What does Moxie Wanderlust sound like?”

I have one day to complete this challenge. I’m very curious myself to see how this one turns out!

UPDATE: It took me a little over a day to get this turned around. The first day I recorded and edited about 30 different sounds: things like a car’s power locks, walking up a hallway, opening doors on cabinets & appliances. Some were random, but a couple were intentional. I wanted to convey the sense of serendipity and adventure along with the travel bug and a sense of a modern hipster laid back ethic. That’s what the name sounds like to me. The walking up the hallway is the approach to transition. The next section is a drum beat (pardon the poor timing) bookended by doors opening and closing, and also joined or interrupted by random sounds.

I sampled a few notes on a piano with the intention of creating an instrument out of it and then bringing in a melodic aspect. I simply ran out of time to include that in this challenge. I probably could have just played a couple melodies on the piano instead of just taking a few isolated notes.


Screen shot 2011-10-29 at 5.04.45 AM

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