Conversations Project

This podcast is in launch mode. I’m really looking forward to sharing the journey.

Here are a few of the conversation episodes already in queue for publication:

  1. John Saddington
  2. Aaron Green
  3. Rob Lagesse
  4. Nathan Kontny
  5. Adam Hamwey
  6. Miche Traina
  7. Carl Edmond
  8. Ryan Gray, MD
  9. Nancy Duarte

This first batch of podcast episodes is unfiltered conversations about life in the connection economy.

The current overriding theme for this first release is about finding waypoints for how we live and work. How are people navigating and thinking about work, technology, and culture?

The shift in what work looks like in the future is a huge barrier for a lot of folks. Here we will explore what is out there now and how we can take advantage of the connection economy. And by seeing glimpses and hearing stories of what’s possible, maybe it will help us all be better able to adapt.

The challenge I’m already feeling: As you will see in the first episode, John Saddington gives a challenge to simply start with what you have. In this project I am attempting to share a journey of discovery.

One of the things I am trying at the outset is to simply publish the full unedited podcast. This is definitely a challenge, especially since I am a person used to cutting down and editing almost everything that I create. The hope is that this practice over time will reveal new things, refine the experiment, and also push the boundaries of how I approach creative projects in other areas.

However, I might still make this a more “produced” show than I initially intended.

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