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Hi, I’m Joel.

Freelance Video Producer, Audio Engineer, Digital Content, and Strategy.
For the last decade I’ve been creating media content for non-profits and businesses. I’m a full-stack video producer and audio engineer, but I also speak marketing, design, web, and social.

The Problem I am hacking to solve: How can businesses stand out and become famous among the audience they serve? Along with a great product and outstanding customer service there is another way to serve our audiences and truly be helpful to them.

We can create genuinely helpful and quality content. And by content, I mean creating original media and also re-mixing current material: video, audio, and written pieces.

We can create all kinds of media these days and send them to various platforms. And we can also remix content. For example, a video can become audio, a blog post, a medium article and an Instagram movie.

What do we call this craft?

Content creator? Digital Producer? Content Producer? Content Crafter? Media Creator and Editor?

Those all work, but there is a term I’ve been using internally to describe this. Maybe it will resonate.

I call it being a…

Content DJ

It’s the creation of new material, remixes, and collaborations.

As a business owner, you are creating experiences for your customers. Creating good content online is part of that. You are guiding your audience through a process. It starts by simply being helpful. Sometimes encouragement is needed. Often, we create good content that helps people solve a specific problem, whether it’s overcoming a mental block or learning a particular strategy or tactic.

As business owners, this is our online content challenge. And it is also our opportunity.

If you are a business owner who is ready to invest in creating new content or remixing current content, let’s see if we might be a good fit.